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Go Electric

CRE Motors is a leading and renowned electric automobile manufacturer company. We are aiming to bring electric mobility solutions to customers at their doorstep. Our goal is to provide high-quality service and highly accelerated vehicles which give immense satisfaction to our customers

We are the leading developer and
installer of modern electric vehicle
charging systems

Electric Auto

CRE Motors electric auto has an efficient motor with extra comfort. It also offers great mileage which helps you to earn more to live.

Electric Bike

CRE Motors electric bike has exceptional standards of performance, safety, and mileage. It has a very stylish look with great comfort.

Electric Car

CRE Motors electric car is designed for acceleration and great speed. It is affordable and has high-quality body parts which make us feel better.


Easy to Charge Long Range Batteries

Low maintenance.
High satisfaction

Noiseless &
Smooth Ride

Tested on your roads. Certified by ARAI

A green machine

What advantages will you get using
an electric car?

High Standards

We are committed to maintaining high product quality and long-lasting machine life.

Recoverable energy

Using recoverable energy helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions which keeps the environment safe.

Smart connected

Electric cars are usually connected in a smart way for simplicity and reliability.

Easy access

Nowadays, charging stations for electric cars are quickly installed at houses and public areas.

Safe drive

Electric cars are usually safer to use, as they are more stable on the road due to low gravity in case of collision.

More convenient

Electric cars are easy to charge and you need not rush every time to fuel stations before you hit the road.

Get your
charging cards

To avoid cashless transactions, get charging cards for your electric vehicles. Pay the specified amount for your charging time with your charging card. Get it now to avoid wastage of time at public or home charging stations.

Choose your ready-made solution

Home charging

  • Time taken to charge your vehicle at home is less when compared to public stations.
  • Home charging is very convenient and easy.
  • It is installed in an easy way and it is inexpensive.
  • There are zero emissions if you charge your car at home than at public stations.

Public point

  • Supports faster charging with high voltages.
  • Have special connectors that conform to a variety of standards of Electric vehicles.
  • Available at all public places.
  • Well designed and has safety equipment.

Commercial systems

  • Apt charging option for apartments, communities, and multi-family buildings.
  • Designed in a small and convenient way to use.
  • Operated in a cashless way without spending much time.
  • Ability to charge faster than any other charging option.

Our Mission:

Make the world cleaner, save natural resources, create comfort for people.

public charging points in your smartphone app

Get charging points information right at your mobile by using your fingertips. Browse charging stations on the map and locate the nearest stations to you. There are 2400 public charging points available on your mobile which will make your work easy whenever you need to charge your vehicle.

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